Here’s what people are saying about Brian and The Pursuit Coach…

“Thank you so much, Brian! It was a highly informative session.  Excellent resource for any organization. Engaging and relevant.
– Lynn Enebrad , Marketing Manager, BergerABAM
“The videos are very engaging.  Like a good book, I find that once I get started
I don’t want to stop!”
– Jacki Masters, General Manager, Mt. View-Edgewood Water Company
“Your presentation was great… We already told our marketing director about putting your method to use.”
– Abby Harrington, Marketing Pursuits at HITT Contracting
Thanks so much for a great presentation!
– Alexa B. Antopol, Fisher Dachs Associates
“I really appreciated your very important approach to non-verbal messages that we send in our communication.  I look forward to working with you more in the future! Palm up…Palm down…High five!!!”
– Daneka Keith, City of Airway Heights
Your session was a pleasure and informative. I am practicing in my regular conversations the patterns you suggested to form a natural behavior.
– Mel Damewood, Eugene Water and Electric Board
“I heard your presentation and YOU are outstanding!” 
– Ron Worth, Former CEO Society of Marketing Professional Services
“Thought provoking…”
“Engaging and interesting.”
“Very helpful! Turned my idea of a debrief upside down.”
“Completely different approach, but made sooo much sense.”
“Super practical with real things we can implement.”
– Participants of SMPS SRC Workshop
“Thank you Brian for putting this site together it was very enlightening.
The information and the way it was presented was truly beneficial.
I have added a number of new tools to my toolbox.”
– Mark Aasland, PACE Engineers
“Brian’s approach was very enlightening! I just wanted to take it all in!  
The presentation made the tools and information easy to retain and use.”
– Tonya Reiss, City of Spokane
“Awesome video I like how you showed each part step by step in a orderly fashion.”
– You Tube Subscriber
“From the experienced to the first timers, there is something for everyone in this training.”
– Corianne Hart, Project Engineer 
“The Pursuit Coach is an awesome tool for businesses of all sizes.”
-Joel Saxe, Entreprenueur
“Brian spoke to topics I have been wanting to know more about, he gave details and tools I can use.”
“This is the missing piece of business development.”
“Brian provided information/techniques that I was not aware of. Insightful.”
– ACEC Oregon Leadership Series Seminar Participants
“The Pursuit Coach program is fascinating!”
– Rachel Cantor Fogarty, RC Associates
“My deepest congratulations for one of the best run pursuits I have ever ever seen.”
– Harold Glaser, Director of Business Development
“Brian possesses the unique combination of abilities to identify, strategize, implement and achieve an objective.”
– Pat Huston, Strategic Pursuit Leader
“I have had the pleasure of working with Brian Murphy for many years. Brian was instrumental
in helping us win one of our largest project pursuits in the firm’s history.” 
– Travis Tormanen, Regional Manager
“This is OUTSTANDING. Winning the job without going to interview is a huge testament to the proposal team. Congratulations!!!”
Keith London, CEO
Brian established a competitive position for the firm with some of the
most significant clients and projects in the region.”
Pat Huston, Strategic Pursuit Leader
“This was an extremely well-executed pursuit.”
Heather Stephens, Water Group Lead
“Holy Cow!  You  just re-wrote the book on how to win a large competitive pursuit.
I am in awe of what you just pulled off.”
– Pat Huston, Strategic Pursuit Leader