Benefits of The Pursuit Coach

Benefits to your company:

  • Provides tools to staff for immediate application to increase pursuit wins.
  • Provides better training, to more staff, at less cost.
  • Eliminates the cost of lost productivity
  • Eliminates travel costs
  • Delivers training in a format that your “up-and-coming” staff prefers
  • Makes your BD training portable
  • Provides continuous reinforcement of skills that traditional training doesn’t.

Benefits to the individual professional:

  • Makes you more valuable to your firm. All things being equal, consultants that can generate work provide the greatest value.
  • Accessible from any location you have web access. IT’S MOBILE.
  • Gives you the hard tools and soft skills to succeed.
  • Serves as a reference library that you can come back to as you want.
Benefits to students:
  • Provides the tools for being a successful consultant that your technical education NEVER addressed.
  • Gives you the skills that could otherwise take decades to acquire
  • Sets you apart from peers in those early career years.
  • Provides ability to contribute especially to smaller consulting firms.