What Is The Pursuit Coach?

  • Are you individual looking to make yourself more valuable in the consulting industry.
  • Do you lead a consulting firm and looking to build the skills of your staff in order to fully implement a strategic BD plan?
  • Is your consulting firm without a BD plan needing the tools to expand your business?

As consultants we know that our financial success depends on our ability to win competitive pursuits, and we continually look for a winning edge.  As mangers, you’ve felt the frustration of short-term training that doesn’t result in tangible benefits.

As creator of ThePursuitCoach.com and a consulting engineer for 20 yearsI believe two things about business development:  successful business development skills can be learned, and the mastery of those skills comes through practice until becoming second nature.

The Pursuit Coach provides a program to provide the skills to make you and your staff more successful at winning project and does so in a way that is convenient, affordable, and effective.

Consider this… According to the American Water Works Association the top four reasons consulting firms avoid training are:

  • Travel time
  • Cost
  • Lost utilization
  • Material that isn’t relevant

Now consider ThePursuitCoach.com…

  • There is NO TRAVEL
  • Cost is a FRACTION of traditional on-site training – Check out the detailed comparison below.
  • The material is specifically designed by a consultant, for consultant, for the specifics of the consulting industry.